Photo: ABC News


Sad news coming from China. The house that was reported last week as the final holdout on a huge highway project, has come down. The owners originally didn't give in to the offer's made by the construction company building the road and they refused to move out.

Owner Zhang Ling said the company offered an insulting amount to buy out the property. Ling claims to have been offered $35,000 for his recently completed home that cost him $95,000.

The company had no choice but to bulldoze the other houses attached and build the road around Ling's lone standing home (as featured in the image above)

Reports from the China Provence are saying Ling caved in and signed off on a price of $41,000.

The bulldozers did their job on Saturday after Ling and his family moved to a relocation area. The road is expected to be fully completed soon.