While watching the MTV VMA show last night, like you, I wondered - how is there an awards show for videos when your station no longer airs videos?  However, my video rant did not last long as I was distracted by some HOT women.  Since I haven't seen a video since the 90's, there is nothing worth mentioning on that aspect, so I give to you - the sexiest women of the VMAs!

1) Taylor Swift - AKA Waldo

2) Maria Menounos - NO clue who this is.  Though, does it matter?  Hot!

3) Katy Perry - Yes, Yes I would.

4) Alicia Keys - A classic beauty!

5) Rihanna - Ever since I saw her in Battleship - man, this girl and a giant gun, you can't go wrong.

What aboutyou - did you watch any of the "video" awards last night or were you distracted by the hot women?  Any lady you would add to this lis?