Want to hit the Lake George this summer and relax in a hot tub? You now can!

It's called the HotTug - A Hot Tub that Floats! (aka a Hot Tub Boat)

You can fill it up to 8 people and set sail down the river with a motor (on board electric or engine are options) and even a wood burning stove to cook some steaks on.

I'm in such heaven right now just by looking at the pictures (below). I stayed in Lake George over the weekend while working the Shinedown show and I'm in love with the area - I can only imagine how cool it would be to the have the HotTug for a nice evening on the lake.

Of course, it's made in the Neitherlands so shipping would be an arm and a leg to get it here - Yet I feel it would totally be worth it

Check out the pictures below and more by CLICKING HERE.