Halloween is just 3 weeks away, which means it time to dust off those old horror movie DVDs, Blu Rays, and (for vintage purposes) VHS's.

When it comes the horror genre, there many - and we mean MANY - overused clichés. From the dumb blonde that always trips when she runs, to the horny college or high school kids have an over abundance of sex, to the stereotypical mannerisms of the killer.

There's a million more we could go in to but one that used a lot when a female lead is by herself is the almighty "It's just a/the cat".

The music gets suspenseful as she approaches a door to see what/who is making the noise on the other side. Is it the killer? Nope, just a cat.

You would think by now that they would stop using that method of scare tactic but to this day there are movies that, for some odd reason or another, have to try to scare the audience via this method.

In any case, enjoy a SUPERCUT of "It's Just A Cat" scenes and Happy (early) Halloween.