I support all religions. I feel anyone should believe in whatever or whoever they choose to believe in, and if you don't choose to believe that's fine too. After I studied in a Muslim country, my views opened up completely. Being an Art major, I also study all religions and cultures. They have all had a major impact on the history of the art world. I learned more about the bible in my art classes than I did in my Sunday school classes. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that are not as accepting as I am. That's ok too, but when it comes to singling someone out and hating them for their beliefs, I'm not ok with.

I try to avoid writing blogs based on religion since it's such a controversial subject, but I was absolutely enraged when I read an article on E!'s website stating the Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket Elizabeth Taylor's funeral. They have previously picketed homosexuals' funerals and fallen soldiers' funerals. That to me is so disrespectful. No matter what religion you are in, the death of someone is painful. Just let her family and friends be, and every other family they bombard with rage.

The article stated:

"No RIP Elizabeth Taylor who spent her life in adultery and enabling proud f-gs. They cuss her in hell today. #Westboro will picket funeral!" tweeted Margie Phelps, daughter of Westboro Baptist Church pastor Fred Phelps.

These people never knew Elizabeth Taylor as a person. They are not looking at the positive things she's done, and she's done a countless number of them. Just because she's done things they don't approve of does not mean they should wreck her funeral or anyone else's. These people are sick and filled with hate. It really puts a pit in my stomach knowing there are people so angry in this world. I know there is freedom of speech, but they're abusing it. Why can't we stop them?

Rest in Peace Elizabeth Taylor