With temps barely reaching 20 degrees over the last few days, which will likely carry into the weekend, we can all agree that it's- burr chilly cold chilly burr cold burr- out there, no?  For me, I appreciate the fact that I have a few blankets and a warm place to rest my head. For others, staying warm means committing a crime. 

Take Jamaine Makepeace (ironic last name) for example. Last Friday Jamaine was so sick of being cold he went H.A.M and started breaking windows at the Rensselaer County Clerk's office, in Troy. With a trash can lid, metal ashtray and rocks in hand, Jamaine broke out the long window above the Clerk's office doors, which has the county seal attached. Add in a few smaller windows on the 3rd St. side of the Clerk's office and a car window in a nearby lot and you have instant police arrival.

Here's the thing: When Troy police arrived, Makepeace was hanging by the broken glass waiting to surrender, according to the TU. When asked about Makepeace's intentional vandalism, Capt. Cooney (Troy PD) commented:

'He told us he figured he would do enough damage to get a year in jail, He told us that he was tired of being on the streets and begging food from people.'


Makepeace caused about $2400 in damages and was charged with two counts of criminal mischief. Makepeace currently resides in the Rensselaer County jail, without bail.

This isn't the first time Jamaine Makepeace has intentionally committed a crime to get out of the cold. In 2010 Jamaine intentionally used rocks to break windows at local business's in Portsmouth, NH.

Say what you want but I feel for this dude, and all homeless people, frankly. Knowing you're going to intentionally commit a crime as a means of getting yourself two hots and a cot is a desperate act. It's sad really. Sad that a human being had to resort to crime in order to be comfortable. Yeah, shelters exist, but who knows the situation. Seriously, when's the last time you stayed the night in one?

One thing though: Jamaine, brotha- It's all about timing and you failed miserably. See, when that 'year' you're looking at/for is up you'll be in the thick of winter, again. If you're going hard at least think it through.



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