A highway built around a house? It's possible, especially in Eastern China where nicely new road has a rather large re-routing thanks in part to a five-story house that stands right in the middle of it all.

It all started when local officials came to the housing structure and offered all the home owners compensation for the removal of their property and relocation. Lou Genboa refused to moved out as he said the compensation was insultingly low.

Others have moved out and the road was built, around Lou's house. Pictured above, the house with rough edges is still the residence of two families. The road curves around both sides of the house making an interesting circle for commuters to traverse.

Pictures of the lone stand out has circulated around China and the world as a symbol of resistance against local officials who have been offering, what many feel are, very low compensation packages. The house has been nicked named "The Nail House" as the owners wouldn't been "hammered down" to take the offer.

How much is "too low?" Lou estimated his place to be $95,000 (600,000 yuan) but he was only offered $35,000 (220,000 yuan). A Deputy for the village says he does not expect the dispute to go on much longer but the homeowner's depends are a bit excessive.

Lou says his water and electric still work while he and his wife sleep in separate parts of the two homes to ensure no partial demolition unexpectedly.