If you didn't think we have advanced too far as a society before this, you should now. The technological revolution has made its way to the Catholic church, as Pope Benedict XVI is now on Twitter. That's right, the freaking Pope is on Twitter!

To this point His Holiness has 825,757 followers and counting. So far he has sent out five tweets, the first of which was a greeting, followed by four of the existential nature, asking followers questions of faith. He only follows seven other accounts, each of which are different versions of the Pope's account for users that speak different languages.

There are a lot of questions that come to me as a result of the Pope being on Twitter.

First of all, why doesn't he follow more people? I thought we are all God's children, yet I'm not good enough for you to follow me? That cuts deep, man. That cuts real deep.

Secondly, is it actually the Pope sending out these tweets? I could just see him hunched over an iPad trying to figure out why there's no WiFi at the Vatican trying to figure out how to type out a tweet with no keyboard. It can't possibly be him doing the actual tweeting, but I will continue to hope that it is.

I wonder how long it will be until the Pope is on Instagram. It's one thing to see him on Twitter, but Twitter doesn't let you artfully post pictures of your dinner. I will feel truly connected to His Holiness once I can see what he's chowing down on every day.

At the end of the day, the Pope tweeting may be proof that social media has gone too far, but it could be worse: at least your mom hasn't figured out how to use it yet.