This has got to be the crappiest reason for a traffic jam. Zing! However, as much as I hate traffic I kind of respect this guy who refused to poo in his car. is reporting that the Holland tunnel was closed briefly around 10 PM after a man exited a vehicle to pop a squatski in a tunnel booth.

“Kevin Nam, 21, was charged with trespassing after Port Authority police saw him exit a car that was driving in the north tunnel and walk inside a tunnel booth where Nam was caught defecating… Nam was in the car with three other passengers when he told the driver he felt sick, Coleman said, he then told the driver to let him out as they were driving in the tunnel.” –NJ

This doesn’t sound like a crime to me at all. I suppose if this dude was fed up with Port Authority police then yes, but this dude was just fighting of some white castle. From the sounds of Kevin Nam’s actions he sounds less like a criminal and more like a good friend. He did everything he could to not mess the interior of his buddy’s car. Which is a lot more then I have done for my friends. I remember once being so convinced that I could sit on my knees in the back seat of my friend Colin’s car and aim directly into a can in the dark. When I had finished I thought I hadn’t spilled a drop and was so proud until I turned around to sit back in my seat and learn the soaking wet truth.