Holidays mean hangovers and everyone seems to have a suggestion for how to get rid of said hangover. Here are some tips from your friends at Q103.

It's too bad we don't have a service like they do in Boulder, CO - The Hangover Helpers. While they don't offer a cure what they do for you is come and clean up after the party. Capitalism rocks.

I once asked my uncle (an MD) what I could drink to get rid of a hangover. He replied, "nothing the night before." Touche.

My true and tested cure is to have some bacon and eggs - extra grease - and wash it down with a glass of tomato juice. Plus maybe some Excedrin. And a bottle of Gatorade. Or if it's afternoon maybe some spaghetti and tomato sauce. This works for me every time and has worked for a few others too but not everyone.

So how exactly do you cure a hangover? Understand it first - what is it? In short basic terms it's your brain shrinking from lack of hydration thus pulling away from your skull. Not totally medically accurate but close enough.

So what helps?

1) Sleep - best to tell next day obligations that you have a stomach flu

2) Hydration - drink tons of fluids especially things like Gatorade. Vitamin C helps too. Caffeine is bad because it dehydrates you more (which the booze already did causing your hangover.)

3) Lots of minerals and vitamins... but not in pill form. Have some pickles or canned fish.

4) Tomato products help because of the acid in them and the vitamins.

5) Exercise. Seriously you don't even want to stand or lie down but exercise gets your blood pumping and internal organs kicked into high gear to flush out the toxins.

Any of your own remedies that you care to share? Comment below: