Wow, I had something that has never happened to me before during an interview today. Blower (guitarist) showed us a tattoo he has, but this one is on his sac. I was told by the power that be, to get something interesting for this blog. So when he mentioned it, I thought it was proper to ask for a picture that we could use on our site. And wouldn’t you know that he was nice enough to show it to us. It says “Tarpy” because his sac is big enough that he can stretch it over many objects like a tarp. Pics are coming soon so make sure to check back for that. We also found out that the guys are fans of My Darkest Days as I think they seem to see them as a younger version of themselves. When asked about Sully Erna of Godsmack, to put it nicely they just said that “He’s not as social as we are”, but the guys love Nikki Sixx! All in all, Hinder is a fun bunch of guys who seem like they just want to play music and have a good time. I can’t think of a better way to be! If you're going to the show at Northern Lights and want to buy them a drink, I think they like Jagur!

Make sure to check back tomorrow for the infamous picture of Tarpy!