A girls high school basketball game in Utah is being called ugly after a final score of 108-3.

Talk about a blow out.  When Christian Heritage high took the court against West Ridge Academy I bet they didn't think they were going to win the way they did.  Now instead of getting praise and positive press, they are being called unsportsmanlike.  In reality these girls did nothing wrong.  It isn't their fault that the other team was so terrible that they couldn't score more than 3 points in 32 minutes of baskeball.

Now I do understand that maybe they could of stopped scoring points after a while, but isn't that more insulting?  I would rather get beaten than have pity taken on me.  The girls of West Ridge Academy may have their egos bruised, but I'm willing to bet they are hitting the court a little harder at practice now.

Head Coach of Christian Heritage, Rob McGill, said that thinks that to often the world doesn't allow the youth to be as good as they can be. These girls are obviously very talented, and who are we to tell them to tone it down?  This is all part of this new "everybody gets a trophy" mentality that American parents are pushing for.  When I was younger you had to earn awards and trophies, they weren't just handed to you for participating.  There was a sense of accomplishment when you won a tough game.  I was on possibly the worst little league team year after year, but guess what.  We all had fun!  I loved playing sports throughout high school, even earned a couple awards and they were got through hard work, not pity.

Now the Coach of West Ridge high says there are no hard feelings and they have already moved past the loss.  Good for them.  This will be good for them, because now they know that if they want to compete they have work to do.  The crazy thing is that if a college team or NBA team blew out an opponent we would only be talking about how amazing they are, not how unfair their win was. So think about that America.  For a complete look at the article click here.