I clicked on the video assuming to see some serious fouls. Or at the very least, a bad call or two by the Referee. But nope, what I see is a bunch of whinny babies!

Is it just me or does this video just seem embarrassing to these kids. It appears that this was posted by a pussy of a parent who was overly concerned for their sweet sweet baby boy when he got slapped a little. Personally I think basketball is one of the most pussifed sports out there. The fact that you can’t touch a guys wrist with out it resulting in a free shot for him blows my mind.

But none the less those are the rules so I will respect it. My issue with this video is it is labeled “Flagrant foul no-calls”. No calls? Really? It appears that every single one of these fouls was called immediately. And to be honest, they really aren’t all that bad. This video has caused little to know awareness. All this video did was tell the world that there is an over sensitive pussy of a parent who is trying to make a spectacle of simple fouls.