You have probably never heard of my hometown - the Village of Philmont.  Yes, we're so tiny, we are considered a "village".  However, this tiny village houses a big breath-taking piece of nature.  High Falls, a water fall hidden from the every day passer by, makes for the perfect sunny day getaway.

It wasn't until a few years ago that this hidden treasure was exactly that-hidden.  Long before the Columbia Land Conservancy created the High Falls Conservation Area, the 47 acre property and waterfall really had no accessible pathways.  As a young lad, I had to sneak out my back yard, cross an old wooden bridge on it's last leg and play hop scotch over the water to find the falls.  Those days are long gone and now the area is open all year from dawn until dusk.

If you're interested in a little hike, some fishing or want to snap a few photos of the 150 foot water fall to used to power the town's mills over 100 years ago, you should make your way down to the access area just off of Roxbury Road.  Pop our little village into your GPS and see what we've been hiding for 200 years.