My God, he’s 48 years old and wants to play in the NFL. Didn’t he see what happened to Brett Favre at 40? “I want to be the George Foreman of the NFL” he said at an MMA press conference today. He even went as far as to name the teams that he’d be willing to play for, that being the Minnesota Vikings or the Atlanta Falcons. Could you imagine if this really happened? I can see it now, the first time he goes down a trainer would say “Herschel, is it your hamstring… Your groin… What is it?” And he’d make a comment about how he thought it was just a little swelling of the prostate or something. Honestly, I hope it’s true and not just a publicity stunt to try and draw a little attention for his MMA event. It would be amazing to see, and I know my mom would be cheering for him too as I’ll always remember both my parents pointing out how Herschel was always a God loving man.