It's never good when someone that you know is stricken with a sickness that you are powerless to control.  That's how we are feeling now that one of our own has gotten a terrible diagnosis, but there is a chance for you to help out.

The handsome guy with Q-Tease Jen in the photo above is one of the best crew members that we have here at the radio station.  His name is Bob, and if you have been out to a Q103 event, chances are you have seen him and he has made you laugh.  Bob has become more than just a co-worker to us here at the radio station, he has become a remarkable friend.

Earlier this month Bob got pretty sick and was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia that is going to require a lot of treatment.   He is also going to need a bone marrow transplant, which we found out earlier this week that there is a match and he will be receiving that.

We all want to do our part to help Bob, but obviously we aren't doctors so the best we can do is be there for him and help his family.  There is a chance to help out Bob and his family with a fundraiser next Monday, February 6 from 4p-8p at the Red Robin in Latham.  If you print out the flyer (below) and come to dinner, 15% of the proceeds will go to Bob and his family.  You have to have the flyer in order to help, and each person needs the flyer (I think).

We know you guys love the station, and now here is a chance to help out one of the guys who helps make it run like a well oiled machine when we are out on the road.  Information on the fundraiser can be found here.

Those of you who can't attend the fundraiser can make donations by contacting Anita Connors at Two Brothers restaurant in Troy.  Call them at (518) 279-4470.