I’ve wanted my own private island ever since David Copperfield showed me how functional they are.

My dreams are so close to coming true, with an island for sale right in my own back yard. According to a posting on listhub.net there is an island for sale just outside of Scotia, on the Mohawk River. If you help me buy this island I promise you can come over and play “Swiss Family Robinson” anytime you want! I need this island so I can stay living in the Capital Region and be just like my heroes David Cooperfield and Richard Branson.

The island is almost 19 acres and it can be all mine for the low low price of $91,900!

So please, wont you help me fulfill my dreams of being Mayor of Peacock Island in Schenectady?


Send all donations for “Operation Buy Dalton An Island” to…

Buy Dalton Castle An Island

1241 kings road

Schenectady, NY 12303



"Everyday you do nothing, an island gets sold to someone who isn't Dalton... Do something!"