All you can say about this is legendary.  Deep Purple's Ian Gillian and Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi have teamed up with some of metals best for a new album.Tomorrow you'll be able to get the brand new single from Heavy Metal super group Who Cares.  It's called "Out of my Mind" and the song is out of control good.  The brand new video for it hit the internet last night so I checked it out as soon as I could.  This band looks awesome.  On the song "Out of my Mind" you have Ian Gillian on vocals and the dude can still sign his ass off.  Iommi of course on lead guitar backed up by HIM guitarist Miko Lindstrom.  Iron Maiden's thunder god Niko McBrain on the drums and former Metallica and Voivod bassist Jason Newsted keeps the rhythm.  Check out the video below.  The song will available tomorrow for digital download.  The album itself will be out in June.