Hangover 3 is in the works and the latest news is that hottie Heather Graham returns for the latest installment. Absent from The Hangover sequel, Heather Graham has been signed on to reprise her role as Jade from the first block buster.  Seeing Graham back in a stripper role will definitely worth checking out the third install, no matter how terrible trilogies tend to be.  Let's take a look back at some of Graham's sexiest works.

Before we saw her playing mom to baby Carlos in The Hangover, Heather Graham was popping up in movie roles looking like a 12 on a scale of 1-10.  Here are some of my favorite Graham roles:


License to Drive - 1988.  I was seven when this movie came out - perhaps Mercedes Lane was my first crush?


Austin Powers- 1999.  Oh, Felicity Shagwel, love when you slide down the pole - to the dance foor, that is.


Anger Management - 2003.  Nothing like seeing Graham as Kendra strip down to make my day.


At 42, she's still smoking hot. What are your favorite Heather Graham movies?