Evil Nation- rejoice! After months of delays Pop Evil's 2nd album 'War Of Angels' finally arrived in stores and on i-Tunes.  Let me just say this, it rocks!! Opening with the first single Last Man Standing and followed by nine cuts of pure hard rock that needs to be heard loud.  Pop Evil is ready to be heard and put on the map. 

War of Angels is a accumulation of the vision that Pop Evil set up after the release of their debut album 'Lipstick on the Mirror'.  The album defines this band,  showcasing all their devotion, hard work and sets a foundation for the band to be around for a long time.  Influenced by many of the rock icons like Guns N Roses, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Motley Crue and Pantera, listening to this record reminds me of the passion I felt from the early years of those bands.

War of Angels is no run of the mill type rock record. Many of the song lyrics come from the heart and the bands personal experiences.  The album rocks with uptempo tracks of 'Last Man Standing', and the me against the world anthem 'Epitaph'.  I love the hardship story of  'Black and Blue', the fun girl chasing sex anthem songs of  'Bosses Daughter',  and ''Daisy's Chain'.  Midtempo songs of  'Broken & Betrayed' 'Let it go', and 'Purple', to lead singer Leigh Kakaty's tribute to his father called "Next Life'  round out the record, but the one song that stands out and has special meaning for the entire band is the new single 'Monster You Made'.

War of Angels has the distinct sound of dueling guitars and when you add in the vocals of Leigh Kakaty - you have a great record!

Hear it Now:

Last Man Standing


Broken and Betrayed

Monster You Made

Let It Go

Boss's Daughter

Daisy's Chain


Black and Blue

Next Life


I would also like to thank Pop Evil for mentioning me on their liner notes!