People sometimes get confused when it comes to grilling up something delicious.  Just because it's a healthy option, doesn't mean it has to suck.

The summer holidays (or any holidays for that matter) are the perfect time to indulge.  That's why you work so hard in the first place, right?  Memorial Day kicks off what we have been looking forward to for months.  Summer.  So lets get crazy and eat and drink a bunch of crap!  How about you do a half way thing?

Say you have been working really hard to maintain a diet, but come a big Summer holiday and it all goes out the window.  Beer, greasy food.  It's bound to happen.  So let me meet you half way.  Instead of fatty burgers or hotdogs, you do some chicken?  Chicken breast in particular.  I know that chicken can be boring, but dress it up a little.  Give it some love, and let those bad boys marinate for 24 hours or more.  I assure you that they won't dry out, and the flavor will punch you in the face.  Marinade choice up to you of course.

You could even do a marinade that has beer in it, and the it's the best of both worlds.  Plus lets be honest, you're going to drink.  Why not something lighter?  Light beer has come a long way, so stop knocking it.  A Corona Light with lime is probably perfect.  Last Summer I got addicted to those Labatt Blue Light Lime things.  Okay, not like I needed meetings or anything, but they were delicious.

Just do yourself a favor and don't throw the diet out the window just because it's a Summer holiday.  A burger or dog is fine though.  Now lets eat!