Brian "Head" Welch is reuniting again with Korn next year in Germany for 2 festival appearances. Could this be the return of the band full time? I was at Carolina Rebellion this year for my former station in North Carolina when I got to meet Head on the band Red's bus. There was talk about a reunion on stage that night but nothing was confirmed until just before their set

As I was hanging out backstage with Rick Dejesus from Adelita's Way in the catering area, a friend of mine from Road Runner Records ran up to me saying "We have to go now!" I didn't know what was happening and it was explained to me that we were going to get a good spot on the side of the stage to watch the reunion up close.

Here is the video I shot of the band's performance of "Blind" with Head for the first time since 2004. My inner 14 year old self was going crazy and I'm super excited to see the band back together. Now if we can just get David back up to speed and at peace with the members, that would be amazing