Apparently there is a society of "Real Life Superheroes" growing here in the USA.  I stumbled upon this trailer for a new HBO documentary that show cases people who go out in costume to fight crime.

I think every kids dream is to become some sort of superhero or at least have super powers to use however they want.  I guess some people don't want to give up on that dream because there are way more adults running around in costumes "fighting crime" than there should be.  Maybe they just watched too much Kick Ass, but this seems pretty dangerous to me. The HBO documentary Superheroes show cases this "secret society".

These guys run around in costume fighting villains I guess, but there has to be some real life danger associated with it.  Real bad guys carry weapons and aren't afraid to use them.  This isn't episode of The A-Team where all the bullets miraculously miss the heroes, they could actually die.  I have to give them credit for going out and doing it though, but in the end it's probably a really bad idea.  Lets leave the crime fighting to the trained professionals on the Police force, not some nerd who lives in his parents basement with delusions of grandeur.

This premiered on HBO earlier this week, so you'll probably be able to catch the special as they re-air it. Check out the trailer below to see what you're getting yourself into.