The Porsche 918 Spyder will cost you a whooping $845,000! Chump change right? Better act fast total worldwide production will be limited to just 918 units.  If you do buy one, Porsche will also give you the opportunity to buy a Porsche 911 for just $160,000. Who says we're in a recession?  

Even if you do slap down the $845,000 price tag, the car wont be in your driveway until late 2013.

The Porsche 918 features a V8 engine and will be able to produce 500 horsepower.  It also comes as a hybrid with a battery pack, that takes about 7 hours to charge, however when fully charged you can go... 16 MILES! but you can go up to 94 miles per hour on the battery (whoa!). Still that's not even enough charge to go from Saratoga Springs to downtown Albany.

Unless you are into show cars, because this Porsche will basically sit in the garage or on a trailer,  it's a big waste of money dont you think?  Certainly not practical.   Why do car manufacturers even create these concept type vehicles.  Wouldnt time be better spent making cars that are not reliable on fossil fuel or find alternative types of transportation?

So if you have $845,000 for a car, perhaps you have $1.3 million for a Castle, right here in Albany.

Built in 1895, and located across from Albany's Washington Park has turret room, a chapel , hidden rooms & doors,  plus a covered carriage roof to hold your new Porsche 918! By the way it's also haunted!

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