A couple of weeks ago I posted about Hatebreed's upcoming album and its immediate facts. More information has just been reveled, including the track listing and pre-ordering details. 

So far we know that the band's sixth studio album will be hitting stores across the U.S. on January 29 and that a coinciding tour will ensue. Along with the band, The Divinity Of Purpose was produced by Chris Harris and Josh Wilbur, who also handled mixing. Eliran Kantor designed the album cover, seen above.

The track listing for the album is as follows:

01. Put It To the Torch
02. Honor Never Dies
03. Own Your World
04. The Language
05. Before The Fight Ends You
06. Indivisible
07. Dead Man Breathing
08. The Divinity Of Purpose
09. Nothing Scars Me
10. Bitter Truth
11. Boundless (Time To Murder It)
12. Idolized And Vilified

Also available today is the pre-order for The Divinity Of Purpose. With the purchase also comes a digital download for "Put It To The Torch," the albums first track, for which the lyric video can be seen below: