One of the best actors the world has ever seen has passed away.  Harry Morgan died today due to complications with pneumonia, he was 96. 

Harry Morgan had an acting career that began during World War II until he officially retired from the business in 1999.  He will be most remembered for the beloved character he played on M*A*S*H, Col. Sherman Potter.   I will also remember Morgan for the second version of  Dragnet from the late 60's where he played Bill Gannon opposite Jack Webb's Joe Friday.

Proving once again that I am in fact an old man in a young mans body, those two shows will always be some of my favorites.  Though I was born well after the M*A*S*H finale took place, it was still one of my go to shows thanks to syndication.  My brother even owns almost every season on DVD.  A sad day for the world when we will no longer have the man yelling "Horse Hockey" or "Bull Puckey" or telling us tales of Mildred and the kids back in Missouri.   Morgan had a way of making you love, not like, all the characters that he played.  He will be missed.