When I saw the titles for this series of vids,  I have to admit, I was like 'oh great more cops on tape not being nice'. To the tell you the truth, I'm thinking these dudes might want to take a minute and think about the message their trying to send.

So, we have two vids shot last winter. In the first you'll hear a couple dudes asking for a man's ID back. Seems like a simple request, no?


Here we have what appears to be the follow up to the last video.


With no back story available, one can only assume these dudes were playing their music too loud on several occasions and the cops were called? Yes, ding ding, I'm a winner?

So ok, let's assume the cops are just picking on the these dudes. What the hell fellas? Go down stairs and get your ID, right? If anything happens you have video footage, right? Even better, open the door and take your citation. Wake up bright and early in the morning, retrieve your identification, and go on about your day.

If anything, you totally made yourself look irrational, confrontational, and frankly, immature. Again, I'm unaware of the back story and that's the problem. If you're going to post a series of videos entitled 'Albany's Finest Police Harassment'  then provide the actual story in the 'About' tab. Frankly, these videos are nothing more than a couple dudes completely wasting the cops time. But hey, this is just my opinion.