You might think I’d be taking the N.W.A. approach to this story, but in the case of the Harlem Shake I say “Mother F These dudes”!

A group of college kids in Hialeah, Florida were planning to make their own super late to the dance “Harlem shake” video when a few police officers stepped in. The cops asked the kids to move along, they resisted and a few went to jail, including a dude dressed like a banana. PS: dressed like a banana is the 2nd worse way to go to jail.

I know these kids feel like they have been violated by the police when in reality these police officers did them a favor. Harlem shake videos are dumb! These police officers were trying to prevent these kids from making a huge social life mistake. There is nothing funny about showing a bunch kids in silly costumes simultaneously slipping into epileptic seizers. Also this fad I’m pretty sure has already passed. If the crappy local morning radio show is making parody videos, then maybe it’s time to search for something new!

I cannot wait for the new mindless annoying “call me maybe gangnam shake style” fad to set in so I no longer have to hear about this stupid Harlem Shake garbage.

As far as I have seen the only Harlem Shake video that stands out as slightly passable is the one posted below.