Before she turned into a big bag of crazy, Tawney Kitaen was winning the hearts of men everywhere thanks to her car dancing skills with Whitesnake. 

One of the first music videos I remember watching over and over again was Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again".  Now it is one of the best songs to come out of the 80's, but I think we were all watching for a different reason.  Tawney Kitaen.  Today just happens to be her birthday and since we are Albany's rock station we felt obligated to remember her the way she use to be; Smokin' Hot!

I think her role in the video is responsible for more kids hitting early puberty than anything else.  I mean come on, how hot is it when she is rolling around the the hoods of those Jaguars?  Probably one of the best video moments of all time, and one of the best videos of the decade.  I can't believe that she turns 50 today.  Can you believe it?  Unfortunately things haven't gone so well for her in the last few years.

In 2002 she was arrested and charged with domestic violence for an incident involving her no ex-husband Chuck Finley.  She had to enter spousal abuse counseling after that.  Her troubles weren't over either.  In 2006 she was caught with cocaine.  No big surprise there.  Anyone who saw her on The Surreal Life had to know that something wasn't right with her.  The substance abuse problems weren't over yet.  She was arrested in 2009 for a DUI in California.

Lets try and forget all that though and just remember the good times shall we?  Happy birthday Tawney, you crazy, crazy woman.