Honestly, does Perry Farrell look like a 52 year old who had some serious and extensive drug use? No, he looks great! What could it be that makes him look so good? My first thought was… Maybe it’s the drugs? Maybe the one thing that usually wears on people somehow had a reverse effect on him, and unbelievably that’s what Perry thinks too. I decided to do a little search on him guessing that he’s probably been clean and sober for quite some and sure enough I found this article with some great quotes. Read it. It is a few years old, but I think it’s quite valid.

So, instead of ripping out some Jane’s Addiction video I opted to go for something that was never as popular as the Jane’s stuff with ‘Pets’ from Porno For Pyros. What a crazy concept to consider. Wouldn’t it suck if we became pets to aliens? There’s not of lyrics to it, but enough to make you wonder. I think I also chose this song to share with you because I whenever I hear the beginning of the new Foo Fighters ‘Rope’ it makes me think of this one.

Rock On Perry!