Today happens to be the birthday of one of rock musics greatest frontmen of all time. David Lee Roth is 57 today, and he is still hard at work with the band that made him famous, Van Halen. Though he is most famous for his work in Van Halen, he also happens to have some great solo work as well. Happy Birthday Diamond Dave, now lets take a look at some of your best stuff.

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    Yankee Rose

    One thing can be said, and that's that David Lee Roth likes to have fun. This is a great example of some of his great solo work. Plus it's got one of the best guitar players in Steve Vai on it. Not bad for a tribute to the Statue of Liberty.

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    It was a huge hit for Van halen, but what makes it classic "Dave" is right in the middle of the song when he shouts "Hey You, Who said that, baby how you been?" Does it make sense? Not at all, but that's what makes it so good.

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    And The Cradle Will Rock

    I have always been a fan of this tune. I love the way that he sings/talks through the song. It goes hand in hand with the guitar parts laid down by Eddie. Godd stuff.

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    This is another song that makes absolutely no sense to me, but is one of the best rock songs of all time. "Panama" rocks!

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    You Really Got Me

    One of the greatest cover songs of all time. If The Kinks version of the song was rock enough, Van Halen went and kicked it up 10 notches!

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    Runnin' With The Devil

    This one was awesome to begin with, but then when the isolated vocal clip of Diamond Dave came out, it was even better. One badass rock song, and Roth's vocals on it are out of this world.

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    Ice Cream Man

    I absolutely love this song. It wouldn't be able to be done by anyone but David Lee Roth, which it what makes the song so unique. One of Van Halen's more underrated songs.

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    Hot For Teacher

    It may be one of rocks greatest songs, not just Van Halen's. "1984" was such an awesome album, every single song could be on this list.

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    I'm The One

    This was the song that showed me how diverse a music background that Van Halen had. It's another one that couldn't be done without David Lee Roth, and shouldn't.

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    Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

    Look at how many great rock songs came off the first Van Halen album in 1978! This is just another example as to why these guys are one of the greatest rock bands of all time.