Find out what the Birthday-Boy has to say about going on tour with a band that has never held Poison in high regard.

So by now you know that Poison is touring with Motley Crue this summer and coming to SPAC Sat. July 23rd. Recently Bret told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette he knows Crue have said less than flattering things about Poison but all he wants to do is “put on a great show” and he won’t say anything bad about them. Bret added, “As far as getting along, I’m not around them enough to know or really care how they feel… It doesn’t have to be a lovefest between our two bands.” Read more at

Ah, Bret Michaels, one of those guys I love to hate. Watching his reality shows was definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I think what pisses me off the most about him is that fact that he often wears not one, but two head pieces. The only thing I can imagine is that he’s so paranoid that one will fall off and expose some baldness that he’s trying to hide. I find it to be ridiculous! Regardless, I do respect what a great PR man Bret is. He’s so great with people and at selling whatever it is that he’s doing.

I grew up in the 80’s and although I don’t spend my time listening to most bands of that era, they were a big part of my adolescence. Thus, when I hear some of those tunes it usually brings me back to a certain time. This is the first single that Poison released, and the first one that I ever heard. It is a song that still has a place in my heart as I’ve always had a thing for those anthem-type songs that talk about chasing your dreams and never giving up. Something I think we all need to be reminded of from time to time!

Happy 48th birthday Bret... And Rock On Brother!