So... I have to admit that I have always been in to tracking the top songs of the year since...I hate to junior high....or there abouts...Yes..a long...long time. I even used to make a point of taping the Top 100... or what ever of a particular year in those days...and than I would also get the official Top 100 lists mailed to me from the various stations that existed at that time. In fact...To this day I still have those lists in my possession! So...I was pretty psyched to present the Top 10 songs of 2010 at noon, on Saturday 1/1/11! refresh your case you missed that count down...Here they are:

10. Three Days Grace- The Good Life

9. Five Finger Death Punch- Walk Away

8. Godsmack- Cryin' Like a B**ch

7. Five Finger Death Punch- Bad Company

6. Alice In Chains- Check My Brain

5. Slipknot- Snuff

4. Sick Puppies- You're Going Down

3. Shinedown- If You Only Knew

2. Three Days Grace- Break

1. Breaking Benjamin- I Will Not Bow

As you can see...both Five Finger Death Punch and Three Days Grace had an absolutely outstanding year! Both bands each had two songs making it in to the Top 10 of 2010!