This past weekend most people celebrated Halloween since it is tomorrow- on a Monday, yuck! As I went to my Facebook page I saw a lot of my friends had posted pictures from their Halloween parties and ventures. However, with the fun came two snow storms that made headlines everywhere. Today, all weather advisories are over. Too bad the snow couldn't have waited until the holiday weekend was over!

CBS 6 News has reported that any weather advisories that have been in effect this weekend are now over. Today will be "mostly sunny and breezy with a high of 45 degrees," and for Halloween day and night tomorrow the high is 47 and the low is 32 degrees, with "sunshine mixing with increasing afternoon."

Rain is expected Thursday and Friday, but no more snow is expected for awhile. I guess Mother Nature had other ideas in mind for Halloween weekend; hopefully it didn't prevent anyone from carrying on with their plans!

Q103 got lucky, as our party at Savannah's was held on Friday- the only day it did not snow for Halloween. The party was fantastic and so was the burlesque show. If you attended, your pictures with the Q-Tease have been posted on the website.

Did you get caught in the snow? Were you able to celebrate Halloween the way you wanted?