In less than two months, on April 10, girl-fronted rock quartet Halestorm will be releasing their second album The Strange Case of..., which features the first single, "Love Bites (So Do I)." The official video was made available to the public yesterday, and can be seen after the jump.

Produced by Howard Benson, the highly-anticipated album features the classic sound that Halestorm fans are drawn to. It follows up their successful 2009 debut, self-titled album which delivered popular singles "I Get off," "It's Not You" and "Familiar Taste of Poison."

Vocalist Lzzy Hale commented on the new album:

The song is my little stab against the media's portrayal of love, Hale tells Noisecreep. Your heart cannot be measured or judged by the quizzes in magazines and scenes in movies. So for both boys and girls I tell you this, love who and how you want, and for god's sake when love bites, bite back! That bitch can eat her heart out!

The guys gave me carte blanche to write about whatever I wanted, so a lot of personal stuff came out. Open up those floodgates! We've been living two feet from each other forever now, so a lot has happened - and I will add that my guys, musically, totally blew me away,