Within the last day, Halestorm singer, Lzzy Hale, has been giving subtle hints to the theme of her upcoming album. By the looks of it, her album will be deeper and even more personal than the last. She stated in her interview with Revolver, "...I ended up penning some of probably the most personal songs that I’ve ever written." Don't worry, she mentioned there's plenty of sexual innuendos on the new album too, which is probably while I love Halestorm's music so much. "Dirty Work" and "I Get Off" are always on my playlist. To add to Lzzy's lyrics,  her sexiness has paid off because she has been voted one of 2012's Top 25 Hottest Women of Hard Rock for Revolver Magazine.

If you don't follow Lzzy or any of the Halestorm band members on Twitter or Facebook, you should start now. Here's a sneak peak of the lyrics Lzzy's been posting on Facebook and Twitter:

‎"I'll slither like a viper, and get you by the neck, kiss you in a way you'll never forget...."

‎"can't get your way so you're sulkin', i think we know the rest but get it off your chest"

"get a grip, you're actin' so weird"

‎"lets shoot the sh*t, sit back down"

‎"even in the darkest part of me".....".you make it feel the way it's supposed to be"...

She finally  finished off the night with her last tweet stating "alright, that's enough teasin' tonight;)" As if she hasn't teased enough men out there now! I look forward to their new CD. It is expected to be released at the beginning of 2012.