One of the most anticipated acts at Rock on the Range this year was easily Halestorm. The recent Grammy winners took the stage on Saturday, May 18 to a sold out crowd. Arejay Hale, drums, dropped by our table in Radio Row to talk about many things including his recent Golden God Award for Best Drummer of the Year.

Several months back I got a chance to talk to Arejay on the phone after their Grammy win and even now he is still amped up about it

We did not expect to win the Grammy at all. We were so betting on not winning that we didn't prepare anything. I thought it was going to be Lamb of God or Iron Maiden or Anthrax. I did not expect to win that thing.

Arejay also has more to celebrate with his Golden God Award.

Once again I had my money on not winning.

Did you know you were winning the award in advance?

I had no idea, I was the last to know.

The band's new single is "Here's To Us" and there is a special version of the track featuring Brent Smith of Shinedown, David Draiman of Disturbed/Device, among others. I asked how the special version came to be

Our A&R guy at Atlantic was watching The Avengers with his kids and we met him a short time later. He said what if we did The Avenger of Rock.


It was very much like Super Friends. They were so nice to do and Slash did a solo on it.

There's much more talked about and you can hear it all in the audio below.