I finally took the big step in the hairdo world and decided it was time to splurge on hair extensions. For the last two years I've had short hair in several colors. At this point, my hair was never going to gain any length due to the damage I had done to it.

I started going to Brooklyn Attitude last year after coming across their Facebook page. Glenn and MaryAnn are the owners of the salon and have made a major impact in regards to hair styling.  Believe it not, they've styled hair for the boys of Motley Crue and even Godsmack. Not many stylists can ever be given this experience throughout their


After being lectured from the duo on the health of my hair, I was 100% convinced to commit to the extensions. I needed a full head of extensions due to the short length of my hair.  MaryAnn is the only stylist in the 518 certified to do Cinderella extensions too, so that was also very reassuring for me. It was also even more reassuring that the prices charged for the extensions are lower than most salons in the area, especially in Saratoga.

The process required my appointment to be booked for an entire workday. It actually took from 10am-7pm. Yes, that's a long day of sitting, so be prepared to sit on your rump all day. I give a lot of credit to MaryAnn because she was actually very sick, and she was a trooper the entire day.

The extensions are bonded in with protein. These puppies are not coming out for sure. MaryAnn bonded them with very small doses of heat so that my hair would not get damaged. The process also took a lot of measuring because the hair needs to be set in the right place so that it falls against your head the right way.

Keeping my extensions up to par should be pretty easy as long as I follow the directions that I was given. I was given special hair products to keep

the extensions healthy and beautiful. It's also nice to know when the extensions need to be replaced, only a row at a time needs to be replaced, so I don't have to sit an entire day in the chair.

I recommend anyone that is interested in extensions to speak with MaryAnn about them. She's sassy and will be sure to keep your entertained throughout the day and she will talk you through the entire process.  It's a decision you won't regret.