We've all been there. Your phone is about to die, you don't have your charger anywhere in site - so you ask a friend or maybe even a stranger to barrow theirs so you can get a quick charge. You might want to rethink that as that person's charger might get a quick Trojan in your phone to steal your information.

Hacker have found a way to install software into iPhone chargers that acts like a Trojan and steals people's sensitive data. Even scarier, the virus uses your phone to make calls and shots video when you are not using it. Yes, the virus takes control of your phone, shots video of where you are & what you are doing, then sends it to the creator.

The personal data you enter in your phone on a daily basis - passwords, account numbers, etc - can also be seen by the creator of the virus.

What does the virus look like? A replica Facebook app symbol so most might not even think something is wrong.

No word from Apple on how and if they will help to fix flaw that allows the Trojan to be installed are their phones.