It's a gift a guy can give a girl that definitely can been seen as a gift for him too, breast implants. To be honest, unless I was married to a chick for several years I would not buy them as a gift for any girl. Well, I guess I am in the minority as now a guy is suing his ex over his payment of her boob job.

Patricja Pajak says she dumped Lukas Molovik because he was "obsessed with her boob size." Lukas apparently kept showing Patricja pictures of his ex and her "giant boobs." (Surprised she didn't dump him then).

She eventually agreed to getting the "job" done out of her love for him. That didn't solve the problems as Lukas became obsessed with the boob implants themselves - So, she left him.

Lukas now has a team of lawyers suing for half the cost of the boob job. One lawyer says his client "is suffering from 'loss of use' of the 32 DD boobs after Patricja split from him."

Lukas himself had this to say: "To be frank about it, I didn't spend all that money so some other man can ogle her boobs instead of me."