recently conducted a survey to find out which male and female celebrities they are sick of hearing about and the answers aren't that surprising.

If you were to ask me which celebrity I was sick of hearing of I think that it would be a tie between Justin Bieber and Charlie Sheen.  Turns out I think like most men.  In's most recent survey it looks like most guys are sick of hearing about Justin Bieber.  47% of men say that Bieber is the male celeb they don't want to hear anything more about.  Who can blame them?  I'm not sure that most guys like to constantly hear about a teen idol, and for some reason Bieber just seems more annoying than most.

Also topping the list of male celebs was Charlie Sheen, who came in second place to Bieber with a 20% vote.  can't blame anyone there either.  This guy has been shoved down our throats like crazy.  At first it was entertaining but it quickly turned to annoying.  On the list as well is the President!  Barack Obama is actually in 3rd place getting 12% of the votes.  I know people don't like  him but he is the President, so I'm guessing we will be hearing about him for a little while now. Rounding out the bottom on the list were Donald Trump, Prince William and Mark Zuckerberg.  Not sure what anyone has against Prince William, but I can understand the trump thing.  Can't stand that guy.

Guys were also asked which females they were sick of hearing about as well.  No surprise, Lady Gaga came out the big winner getting 29% of the vote.  The race was a bit closer for the women.  Sarah Palin came in second followed by Kim Kardashian.  I guess dudes have something against the royal family because Kate Middleton and her sister Pipa made the list as well.  Maybe it was all the craziness surrounding the wedding.  I don't see what the big deal is though.

I 100% agree with Lady Gaga being number one though.  I'm not ashamed to admit that I like her music, but her off stage stuff is just plain ridiculous.  Not a fan of that.  Just put out catchy songs I can hum and that will be all thank you.