Drinking and driving is never a good option no matter how many you've had.

This guy though - he was so drunk he was slurring words, talking to imaginary people, doing 55 mph in a post 25 zone, and the breathalyzer couldn't take a proper reading because his BAC was so high.

Levi Carter was arrested shortly after police arrived to the single car crash that involved both Carter and his passenger in Iowa City.

Upon conducting a breathalyzer test, the machine read .467 before rebooting. Yes, the machine pretty much broke and had to reboot because it didn't know what to do with such a high level.

Of course, any BAC level in and above the .4 range is dangerous. Carter is lucky he didn't slip in to unconsciousness or suffer from alcohol poisoning. He also failed an eye and sobriety test.

Carter was arrested even though he claimed to only have two drinks.