When you first meet someone, it's all about impressing them so they will date you - right? You show your "A" game from day one, hype up your job, etc. Key thing here - DON'T LIE ABOUT YOUR JOB.

A Pizza Hut employee in Florida lied to his live in girlfriend about being a cop.

Christopher Sharpe told his girlfriend, whom he had been living with for 6 months, that he was a County Sheriffs Deputy. Chris would show up home from "work" dressed in a Deputy uniform and would tell her stories of what happened while he was "on duty". He even went as far as to offer legal advice on traffic tickets, DUI arrest, and child custody - based on his "credentials".

Last week, Chris was arrested after an investigation went in to his "work". He told detectives that he came up with the "job" as a way to impress his girlfriend. When he would be in route home from Pizza Hut, he would stop and change into the uniform of a Deputy. - which he actually stole from his sister's boyfriend who is a real cop.

Needless to say, once the truth came forward the girlfriend broke up with Chris and last week he was booked on charges of fraud and impersonating an officer.

Read the full press release HERE.