Shakespeare himself could not have written something so poetic.  The best part is that it's not even theater; it's real life.  Read on.

Only in Cleveland!  

The full story is pretty brief, but humorous enough that I thought it merited a blog.  Not to mention, it brought back memories of the infamous "Penis" suit intruder at the Saratoga High graduation at SPAC a few years ago.  Gotta love that guy!

According to news reports, a man dressed as a gorilla was standing outside his employer's store holding signs advertising sales currently going on inside.  For reasons unknown, the employee was dressed in a gorilla suit.

Without warning, an as yet unidentified prankster leapt from the bushes dressed as a banana.  Said assailant took a flying leap at the gorilla, tackling him to the ground.  Witnesses described the attacker as behaving like a soldier from the movie "300."

The offender fled the scene before the ape knew what hit him.

Where was the guy holding the camera phone for this one?!  I have a clear visual in my mind, but that barely does the whole scene any justice!  It would have been a special treat to see Tosh.0 declare this one a weekly "Breakdown" and thank the guy holding the camera.  Hope hasn't been completely lost yet though.  Who knows?  Some day a mysterious video may emerge featuring an attack on a primate by an obscure yellow fruit.  Stranger things have happened (obviously).