Ok, I get it - mustard is not the condiment of choice for a lot of people.

Many find yellow mustard to be disgusting and even smell horrible. For me, I love it on nearly everything - including my scrambled eggs (you should try it sometime).

Never, though, would I ever chug mustard.

This fine example of "attention seekers" is Furious Pete. What exactly he does, I'm not sure. His video channel on YouTube features eating/drinking challenges. Prime example is the below video of chugging mustard.

The first bottle he finishes around the 3:11 mark. Yes, I said first bottle. Then he goes for No.2 around the 4:15 mark and finishes that around 6:30.

What's better than that? The guy has his own line of merch.

Watch the video, get grossed out, then check out his other videos. Oh the things people do for Internet fame.