We've all heard the rumors,  all the members of GNR have denied it.  Axl tweeted recently absolutely no way. Was it all a ploy to lead us away from the most recent rumor that makes the most absolute sense?

There is a rumor right now that a  Guns N' Roses reunion is in talks with the NFL to appear at next years Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

KentSterling.com claims that preliminary talks have already taken place to reconvene the most popular lineup of Guns N' Roase for Super Bowl XLVI. 

Sterling takes shots at many rock performers he feels arent up to the task , while suggesting GNR might be the only rock band with its members still living that hasn't played a Super Bowl halftime show that could generate a real sense of excitement.

With the Super Bowl audience topping the 111 million mark and becoming the most watched TV show ever, it could be the perfect stage for Guns N' Roses to reunite!  We'll keep you updated.