Well, I was hungry until I read this story and saw the following picture. I'm not one to think about what's in my food or how it gets made. Guess I am just one of those "out of sight, out of mind" type of people.

I'll devour myself some chicken at any restaurant that specializes in such, man I miss me some Bojangles. One such lover of fast food chicken came across a very disgusting, stomach turning, lose your lunch and appetite destroying discovery at KFC recently.

Ibramhim Langoo was munching down on his combo meal from the fast food giant when upon biting into one particular wing, he found a "brain-like" matter. He snapped the following picture, issued a complaint with the company only, and "KFC experts" later determined it was, in fact, a kidney.

Ibramhim was offered a free meal coupon from the company but refuses to return. (Do you blame him?)

Langoo told EliteDaily.com: “I didn’t want to pick the ‘brain’ up as I couldn’t bear to look at it. I was grossed out by the fact that I could so easily have eaten it without realizing. I just wanted to get out of KFC as quickly as I could. I still feel really sick and disgusted by it all now. KFC say they are sorry and are concerned to hear of my experience as they have “rigorous standards” but I’m still not impressed. I never want to eat KFC again – in Colchester or anywhere else. I’ll eat chicken at home, where I can see how it’s been prepared.”

Facebook, Ibrahim Langoo