I want to kick this off with: I'm not a fan of low low prices, smiley face signs, or any business that goes out of their way to ruin local flavor. In other words, I despise Walmart and everything it stands for. I will spend many-a-dollars to avoid that place. That's me though. You on the other hand, I get it, low low prices motivate a ton of people and that's fine. You gotta do you!

Like this dude. He' s out for a local stroll, with his youngins, in his local Walmart. What dude stumbles upon can only be described as, WHOA!

Something tells me the lady being filmed is all sorts of jacked up. Jacked up on energy, the medicated kind. You know? Sudafed, bug spray and whatever other chemical goes into Meth.

Hey, it is Walmart and that store will certainly get busy. Might as well get it done, and get it done quick of course. Maybe I'm wrong tho- She's practicing for one of those coupon clipping speed shopping reality shows?


Heavy Whipping Cream, where- Grrrrr, Do they Sell it here, Grrrrr.. Soda! Zing.....