We have been talking great New York beers, and we have some really great stuff that is brewed right in our back yard in Troy.

Beer made right in the Albany area.  Could you ask for more?  Since 1993, Brown's Brewing Co. has been serving up some of the best ales and lagers a beer lover has ever tasted.  This week I decided to go with their Pale Ale.

This is Brown's signature brew, and they have the awards to prove it.  One of my favorites, it has a very unique taste.  The bitterness of a pale ale, but a sweetness that really comes through.  Not an expert in brewing by any means, I think the sweetness comes from the caramel hops they use in the formula.  It smells a little bit like candy at first.

One of the most pleasing things is the color of the brew.  It just looks pretty in a glass, and yes, this should be consumed in a glass.  I had a glass of this with a nice steak, and it paired like peanut butter and jelly.  Delicious.

It just so happens to be their highlighted beer of the day today (5/3/12), so you should probably go get a pint, or three.  While your at it, hit up the restaurant in Troy and grab some of the delicious food they offer as well.  Cheers!