Give her one of those refills now!!!!! Seven words you may have heard coming from a lovely lady at Walmart in Arkansas, assuming you were in the same Wally World as this crazy lady. None the less, something tells me this lady is missing out on her favorite script of pain meds? Maybe she needs that fresh script of Viagra? No matter what she needs, she needs it NOOOOOOWWWW!

With cries of 'no no no no no no' and 'you want me to calm down' echoing from the front end area of our favorite smiley face place, Grandma Coverall is pissed!

Hey, I have an idea: Give her her script of anti-anxiety meds and let her be. Charge her an astronomical amount- Who cares, just get her out before she gets naked and shows everyone what's underneath her 'Bought And Worn Here Hanes Her Way Coveralls'.

Side Note:

With her screams of 'no no no no' something tells me this granny would make a fantastic 'Farm Granny's Gone Wild' porn vid, no?